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138, Avenue des Champs Elysées
75008 Paris
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    • Accessories
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  • Les enfants

The GrandOptical brand's flagship operation, the Pourcent'Âge operation starts today and runs until October 17, 2016!

Your age = your% discount on your brand mount *

You will love tell your age!

Complete Legal:

Offers valid in the (s) store (s) Member (s), from 06/09 to 17/10/2016. * To purchase a pair of eyeglasses comprising a frame and 2 glasses

anti-scratch treated. The percentage reduction is calculated on the frame TTC sale price and is equivalent to the client's age (capped at 70%)

on presentation of an official ID. ** For children, offer valid for the purchase of a pair of eyeglasses comprising a frame

child (under 18) and 2 glasses with anti-scratch. The percentage reduction is calculated on the VAT of the frame and sales price is equivalent to the age of one

Parents (capped at 70%), on presentation of an official ID. Offers valid only on identified mounts

at the store. can not be combined with other discounts and sales offers, packages including GrandOp'First packages and CMU price. The discount card

Grand'Avantage applies not to the price of the glasses. The discount does not apply to the second pair. Not valid on site.

These medical devices are regulated health goods which, under that regulation, the CE mark. Ask your optician. September 2016

* Conditions in store or on our website

The largest one in France.
All the Shop team will welcome you everyday , Monday to Saturday 10am to 10pm, and Sunday 11am to 8pm. More than 3000 glasses .

  • VIP Service,
  • Opening Late,
  • Opening Sunday,


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