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Fish Club

Eat Infos

Fish Club
58, Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Ier.
75002 Paris
  • Category
    • Fish & Seafood
  • Accepted Cards
    • Offer Master Card
  • Opening
    • only on diner
  • closing
    • sunday and monday
  • Howmuch
    • 50
  • Language Spoken
    • French
  • Menu
    • French
  • Price
    • $$

Beef Club, as its name implies, is a chic steakhouse not far from the church of St. Eustache. Here, the meat is excellent with huge portion. Wines are available at reasonable prices contrary to the food which is a bit expensive. But it is nothing compared to the friendly service and the young, chic atmosphere. You pardon the price when you enjoy the ‘Salade César’, ‘entrecôte’, ‘côte de boeuf pour deux’, ‘langoustines bretonnes croustillantes avec rémoulade de crabe et céleri’, ‘filet de rumsteck’, ‘filet de boeuf’.

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