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Café de la Danse

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Café de la Danse
5, Passage Louis-Phillipe
75011 Paris
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The Café de la Danse is a human dimension hall (499 places including 250 seats) whose modular nature offers great technical and artistic flexibility. Located in the heart of the Bastille, Cafe de la Danse is a cultural and musical meeting place. The Café de la Danse is a private operation for almost 18 years and has managed to expand its venue to many parts of the music industry. Always keen to support this environment, the Café de la Danse is now a place of welcome and programming of shows and has also developed an activity of Phonographic editor, Turning /producer and manager.
Opening artistic, cultural diffusion, proximity to the public are the values that the Café de la Danse trying to defend since its inception and why his team is mobilized throughout the year.

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    • Comment by: Guest ( Member)
      April 20, 2012, 11:35 pm
      Laura, thanks for being so guoacirs to the...

      Laura, thanks for being so guoacirs to the Indianapolis youth with whom you mudded...

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