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Concert Yaron Herman





Concert Yaron Herman

Concert Yaron Herman

Maison des Cultures du Monde

I was there, here is the only sentence that astonished crowd came out to vote in the comfortable auditorium of the Institut Pasteur, 90 minutes after a single concert, intense and unique. A crowd that has just become aware of having seen a considerable jazz event, seeing five musicians who had never played together, run an incredible performance while having fun like kids up after themselves , resulting in us a joy and intense pleasure. ""I was there"" and I had the chance to see the quintet's most unlikely, the craziest and at the same time, the most consistent of the year. How lucky to have witnessed the first execution of all new compositions Yaron Herman. Nothing new, nothing that's unique, Yaron input hits hard and will not stop surprising us, dazzling us and seduce us. The concert starts Simon Tailleu trio with double bass and a drummer Israel (based in New York) Ziv Ravitz, we did not know and that is phenomenal. The beautiful melody of ""Aladdin Lamp Psychedelic"" is linked together perfectly with the energetic ""Try it"" and the trio continues to fuel up with the full cover of ""Heart-Shaped Box"" by Nirvana (from the The album ""In Utero""). Then the trio becomes a quartet with the arrival of Emile Parisian soprano saxophone for us to interpret a piece always hidden and very ""groovy"" which was introduced by a majestically beautiful solo piano passage (like most of the songs played tonight) . Emile Parisien then gives way to Michel Portal (who will play exclusively for bass clarinet) in a remarkable composition entitled ""Saturn Returns"". After the intoxicating melody of a memorable new title played in a trio, quintet place that will bring everyone together in perfect harmony. My favorite is the beautiful harmony between the sounds of soprano Emile Paris and those of the bass clarinet Portal. Forty-seven years separate these two blowers and you would never make absolutely no idea because we see two kids having fun like crazy and ""push"" their respective instruments as far as possible to the delight of spectators. This is also a duo they will introduce the lecture ""The Mountain in G Minor"" real bravura that allows us to deliver Yaron chorus piano specially furious. The first reminder makes us appreciate the beautiful Hebrew melodies and finally to the ultimate reminder, Yaron managed a feat because he managed to play Portal a piece of Britney Spears! Yes, it is not soon forget the version of ""Toxic"" as the quintet delivers in grand finale of a memorable concert, which will certainly remain as one of the strongest moments of the 10 th Festival of Jazz Saint Germain des Pres.

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Sep 29, 2016