The movie of the summer festivals 2012

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The movie of the summer festivals 2012






With the approach of spring, the cinema is unwavering and provides numerous opportunities pr

With the approach of spring, the cinema is unwavering and provides numerous opportunities pr
1 / Series-Mania: from 16 to 22 April 2012, admission free
Discover the new season of this meeting dedicated to your (future) favorite series. What relationship with the cinema would you be right in thinking? They will be broadcast on the big screen, so that the pleasure is even more complete!
2 / Festival of very short: from 4 to 6 May 2012, 5 € per session, 9 € the pass
Three minutes to delight audiences. This festival is held simultaneously in 80 cities across 15 countries this year with a new selection ""World before / after world.""
3 / The stars of the seventh art seen by the Harcourt Studio: the May 2 to 26
The Forum des Halles welcomes a premiere this year's exhibition of portraits of actors in French cinema. An original appointment will even allow you to leave with your portrait.

4 / Mashup Film Festival: June 2012.

5 / Cinema Festival 2012: Sunday 24 to Wednesday, 27 June 2012 included
Bought a place at the current rate = the other sessions to 2.50 €. This summer, it's a marathon 4 days (against seven last year) which will allow you to discover all the news film of the moment.

6 / Paris Cinema: June 30 to July 10, 2012, 5 € per session
The event prepares to celebrate its 10 years under the sponsorship of Charlotte Rampling. Hong Kong is honored this year and pass rates still attractive.

7 / Tim Burton at the Cinematheque: until August 5
A complete retrospective that traces the career of the director through many unknown works.

8 / Cinema Outdoors: July 25 to August 26, admission free
""Metamorphoses"" for this new edition which will offer new horizons in this 22nd edition: classics Sunday, the great drama of Saturday, the film also on Thursday ...

9 / Moonlight Cinema: 1st to August 19, 2012, admission free.
A traveling festival which feature an eclectic mix between classic and new.

10 / Silhouette Festival: 1st to September 9, 2012.
A selection of short films shown on an inflatable screen in the Buttes Chaumont park, rustic and romantic.

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