Six centuries of art from the book

Sep-13-2012 Jan-20-2013


Musée des Lettres et Manuscrits

Six centuries of art from the book






Cultural Exhibition on the Book and its evolution at the Museum of Letters and Manuscripts

During the last six centuries, between the invention of printing by Gutenberg and its dematerialisation, the book has undergone profound and multiple.

exposure Six centuries of art from the book - the incunabula in the Museum artist's book of letters and manuscripts in Paris, paints a picture of this abundant history through the works of exception and their various aspects (binding, paper, illustrations, typography).

Books of Hours in lavishly decorated medieval artist's books of the twentieth century, great testing ground for creators, through the incunabula of the origins of printing and portolans spectacular, over a hundred works that are presented in this tribute to the beauty and richness of the book considered an art.

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