Paris as seen by Hollywood, free exhibition

May-16-2012 Aug-25-2012



Paris as seen by Hollywood, free exhibition






Completely free exhibition to be held in City Hall May 16, 2012 August 25, 2012.

Paris as seen by Hollywood is a completely free exhibition to be held in City Hall May 16, 2012 August 25, 2012. Discover Paris represented by the American cinema through film clips, photos, models of scenery, costumes ...
Paris as seen by Hollywood, this is a free exhibition that you will not miss if you spend next to the Hotel de Ville in Paris. The Exhibition Robert Doisneau now complete, up to the movies!
Paris imagined, realistic or transcribed, American cinema has ceased to represent the French capital in all its forms. You should know that since the beginning of Hollywood now has over 800 films with Paris. Both films in our beautiful capital as reconstituted, see imagined ...

Launched as Ernst Lubitsch, since specialist situation in Paris a dozen films without ever turning a plan, there is Paramount Paris and the Paris of the MGM. And then of course the real Paris

Punctuated by numerous film clips and photographs together, models of scenery, costumes, posters, the exhibition is divided into four sets, four moments of cinema:
The history of Paris dumb.
The Paris of the sophisticated romantic comedy.
The climax of the movie cancan crazy films, twirling and expensive.
And finally, Action! Hollywood plays in Paris since the 1960s.
Hollywood and Paris and an outline of two no prolonged, uninterrupted, unstoppable, unstoppable flirting, making for a film Typically Paris, exhibited in the photograph from the most popular of the American public as the world, such a mark of refinement and of culture. Discover Paris qu'inspira image now thanks to American cinema.

Practical information:
Paris exhibition, seen by Hollywood
May 16 to August 25, 2012
10:00 to 19:00
free admission
City Hall

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