Ladurée celebrates 150 years

Jan-1-2012 Jul-31-2012



Ladurée celebrates 150 years






Ladurée celebrates 150 years and offers gift boxes every month

Since 1862, Maison Ladurée strives to create and offer pastries and macaroons original flavors and subtle. 2012, celebrates 150 years of inventiveness. 2012 is also the year Ladurée. 150 candles blown out and not a wrinkle to the inventor of the button. The Ladurée has preserved intact over the years his personality. Elegant and sophisticated, refined and inspired. This is how the Holder Group continues the legacy today by Louis Ernest Ladurée. To mark this 150th anniversary, Ladurée has created a box for each month of the year but also a special scented candle ... whipped cream and many other nouveautés.Depuis January, Ladurée renewed each month on its packaging boxes: 1862 Love, Tsumori Chisato, flower bells, Lucky day, little girl ... and each is the result of reflection or association that highlights the creativity of the brand but also his talents as a baker. In parallel with these pretty boxes, a special collection also offers every month to find a new gourmet recipe: the Bostock Cacaoen January, Mont Blanc Cassis Brown in February, the Polish Yuzu in March

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