La France

Sep-21-2012 Dec-29-2012


Théâtre Marigny

La France






France, the work of Edward Baer presented at the Theatre Marigny

LA FRANCE and starring Edward Baer takes place at Marigny Theatre from 21:00. Directed by: Edouard Baer Alternating with Lionel Abelanski, Atmen Kelif, Léa Drucker, Leila Bekhti, Guilaine Londez, Alka Balbir, Vincent Lacoste, Christophe Meynet, Patrick Boshart Heurteaut and Jean-Philippe (piano). We must save France! A triple threat, concrete ribs, shattered economy, ole ole suburbs, everything collapses. An event organizer second class is mysteriously selected to be a kind of itinerant show to boost the image of our country abroad. Can you still enchant the world with our famous 400 cheeses? And this great story of our culinary genius that goes from the calf's head ravigote Chicken Yassa, how to make a good piece of theater and bring out the cheers? Our friendly and appalling heroes they succeed, by the grace of the music?-Hall, to save our beautiful country and revive the dream machine? The rate varies from 35.2 to 66 Euros. Online ticketing: book your tickets now. (Tickets print at home).

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