Gaul, a stunning exhibition

Sep-2-2012 Nov-19-2012


Cité des Sciences

Gaul, a stunning exhibition






Gaul, a stunning exhibition arrives at the Cité des Sciences. In turn, become an archaeologist, or even scientific investigator

Strong archaeological discoveries of the last twenty years, the Science City makes us aware of existing and persistent stereotypes that we have with respect to our ancestors, the Gauls ... if not barbaric. Young and old find their place in this exhibition participatory and interactive to be held from November 19, 2011 to September 2, 2012.
Gaul, a stunning exhibition arrives at the Cité des Sciences. In turn, become an archaeologist, or even scientific investigator, all in order to counter the existing clichés about Gallic - the most cautious or passive visitors can still learn while remaining simple spectateurs.La Gaul is a complex civilization that Scientists struggle to understand: there is still some gray areas about their daily lives ... Recent discoveries are, the Cité des Sciences had to shed some light on the true life of our ancestors.

The exhibition will gradually lead us in the footsteps of these Gauls, the discovery of this civilization to the reproduction of their lifestyle, thanks to 5 different sequences strongly: A prologue back on clichés and performances that we do to the Gallic twists - Asterix is ​​one of their most famous representative while the real story of Vercingetorix remains unknown to the general public. Thus, this section allows children to become aware of the importance of the various discoveries have discovered exposées.Après existing stereotypes, we will "destroy" one by one with a pickaxe! Indeed, the Science City we will participate in an archaeological dig with fake "real treasures" to be discovered.

The remains will then be highlighted analyzed during seven workshops offered by animateurs.Les discoveries made by amateur archaeologists are then assembled and we discover and 4 Gallic tombs: the time has come then to dissect the Gallic customs through the representation of religious scenes and daily life.

In addition, a short film faithfully reproduces their daily without having the scenography of a documentary: here, a Gallic attempts to escape the documentary, which makes the film souhait.Enfin burlesque, part épilodique we will clearly identify the actual shots, enough to leave the head on straight and understand in more detail shots taking place in the various episodes of the adventures of Asterix.

Practical information:
Of 19 October 2011 to September 2, 2012
Times: 10h-18h Tuesday-Saturday | Sunday 10h-19h
Prices: 11 € | € 8 concessions | -6 years and unemployed Free Site of the City of Science

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