French national day on July 14

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Champs-Élysées Avenue

French national day on July 14






Military parade of July 14, Soldiers Home, Fireworks on July 14, Balls of Fire 13 and July 14

Military parade of July 14

The traditional military parade of July 14 will be held on the Champs Elysées in the 8th arrondissement. The troops will march from 9 am to walk down the avenue, the Arc de Triomphe to Concorde.
After Africa in 2010 and overseas in 2011, the official theme of the parade will be that of "changing the military" and for the first time, the peacekeepers and the peacekeepers and the green UN will participate in the military parade. Among the highlights of the show: The 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Bir Hakim, the 70th anniversary of the creation of three units of the Free French Air Forces (FAFL), the 70th anniversary of the creation of the gun with the commissioning of transmissions in honor of eight regiments of transmissions and the 220th anniversary of the Marseillaise.
The program of the parade
- 9:10: End of the introduction of troops on foot and motorized Star site / Champs Elysees.
- 9:20: Inspection of troops by the general officers commanding the parade on foot and motorized.
- 9:45: Introduction of detachments of honor of the Republican Guard, Place de l'Etoile and Place de la Concorde.
- 10 am: Arrival of the President of the Republic Avenue de Friedland. Home by Admiral Edouard Guillaud, Chief of Defence Staff, and Army General Bruno Dary, Military Governor of Paris.
Review of troops.
- 10:15: Honours paid to the President of the Republic, Place de la Concorde by the 1st Infantry Regiment of the Republican Guard.
- 10:20: Opening Animation.
- 10:35: Flypast of opening commanded by Air Vice-Thierry Caspar Fille-Lambie, commander of air defense and air operations.
- 10:40: Parade of marching troops commanded by Brigadier General Denis Heck, deputy general commitments to the Military Governor of Paris.
- 11:25: Procession of mounted troops, followed by the parade of motorized troops commanded by Major General Marc Foucaud, commanding the staff strength of No. 1.
- 11:40: Flypast closing.
- 11:45: The parade will end with paratroopers jumping from 11 in the Place de la Concorde
- 12:00: Departure of the President of the Republic.
A few numbers
Flypast of 66 aircraft with opening
Parade on foot: 4950 men and 16 dogs
Parade of mounted troops: 241 horses of the Republican Guard
Parade of motorized troops 450 vehicles, 82 motorbikes
Exceptionally, citizens can request to be installed on the stands. For this, they must solicit in writing the Ministry of Culture (Directorate General of Heritage, Ministry of Culture, 182 rue Saint-Honore, 75001 PARIS)

Soldiers Home

Operation "and the Parisians Parisians welcome their soldiers" is an opportunity for people to discover a user-friendly men and women who are defending today to talk with them about their craft and their missions.

It takes place the afternoon of July 14, at 8 sites in Paris, the two most important are the Esplanade des Invalides and the Place de la Nation.

Fireworks on July 14
The City of Paris has given this year to the company and holiday lights, the design of the fireworks of July 14 dedicated to disco. An exceptional evening that promises to fever invite with a fireworks explosive neon colors, dazzling lights and installing a giant mirror ball of 7.5 m "the mistress of the Eiffel Tower" and 1200 mirrors, created by artist Michel de Broin!

A unique show where everyone can dance and sing the greatest hits disco domestic and international, on the Champ de Mars transformed for the occasion into a huge nightclub cheerful, friendly and feverish.

It was Jean-Eric Ougier, society and holiday lights, great Master Artificer recognized, which ensures the artistic creation of this show. The artist has to his name already two editions of July 14 in Paris but also the artistic director of the Great Fire of Saint Cloud, that of Chantilly Nights of Fire and many other references in France and abroad.

Hundreds of thousands of spectators are expected as well as many listeners of RMC which will broadcast the second time the live soundtrack for the fireworks. Thus the audience a little too far can the Trocadero, in Paris listening to RMC (103.1 FM), enjoy the show.
Again this year, you can follow the fireworks live on From 23h, from your computer, you can watch the live broadcast of the fireworks show. Informations soon.

How to watch the fireworks in the best conditions?

To watch the fireworks in the best conditions, it is strongly advisable to come early and be patient. Avoid taking your car or bus: Metro and RER are by far the best way to get there. Similarly, all the Vélib 'stations around the Champs de Mars will be empty and inaccessible. Note that in the course of the evening, many metro stations will be closed gradually.

The fire will be fired from the Trocadero gardens. To make the most of the fireworks show, it is advisable to be on the opposite shore to watch the fireworks (side Champs de Mars-Tour Eiffel).

Balls of Fire 13 and July 14
The brigade of firemen of Paris (BSPP) organizes its traditional dances on the occasion of July 14. From 9:00 p.m. to 4:00 am, 13 and / or July 14, the firefighters will host this unmissable .. For obvious security reasons, the organizers reserve the right of access to the ball. The entry fee may be charged, if not the traditional "barrel" tend his arms to receive donations. The money raised will be used to improve the status of staff.

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