Exhibition "Phares" at the Museum of the...

Mar-7-2012 Nov-4-2012


Musée de la Marine

Exhibition "Phares" at the Museum of the...






The time of his major exhibition in 2012, the Marine Museum offers an immersion into the world of headlights.

The time of his major exhibition in 2012, the Marine Museum offers an immersion into the world of headlights. On 1000 m2, visitors are invited to share their stories, their scientific and technical development, operation, discover the men who created or used, but also take an interest in high culture and popular they generate. March 07, 2012 to November 4, 2012.
Considerable attention is given to moving images that punctuate the route of exposure. Visits, activities, conferences, series of screenings will allow all audiences to enrich their knowledge on the headlights.

Under the radiant beam of the Eiffel Tower, now nearly a window on the high seas and no doubt it will generate the desire to go to ""real"" headlights, apprehended after this exciting story to which France contributed in a major way on all the seas, at the approach of every continent.

Link between land and sea, the lighthouse is the light that guides sailors. The early rounds to fire, lit by wood and coal, to sophisticated Fresnel lenses, the technology has evolved and the coastal landscape with the proliferation of ""sentinels of the sea.""
The history of these monuments begins with the impressive French Cordouan, built in 1611. Today, 150 ""sentinels of the seas"" of the light beam illuminates our 5000 km of coastline (mainland and overseas). In the nineteenth century, it was in Paris that begins the adventure leading industrial research, science laboratory, manufacturing. With the Eiffel Tower as its emblem, Paris was truly the ""capital of the headlights.""

Delve into the mineral world of lights, it is also understanding the role of man: builders, sailors and workers, or lighthouse keepers. They have always been a deep fascination. Men and women, whose job has now disappeared, gave life to the daily fires of the sea Isolated, living in often harsh, they are actors of heroic adventures. Tower of Alexandria, one of the seven wonders of the world, the myth of the headlights was born. The symbolic dimension of these buildings has created a culture ""flagship"" particularly in literature, film, or even among collectors and for tourism.

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