Beach of Paris 2012

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Quai de Paris Rive Droite

Beach of Paris 2012






Beaches will be held from July 20 to August 19.

2 Beaches in Paris - Voies sur Berges Georges Pompidou / Bassin de la Villette (Paris 75004)
HOURS: Open 8:00 to 0:00
Paris Plage: The 11th! We take it easy between the Seine and La Villette
Paris Plage is back for a month, along the Seine and on the docks of Bassin de la Villette, with some news: mini-golf Quai de Seine, a mogul course for fans of mountain biking and concerts at the Rotonde. And still ... the sand (5000 tons), its food and drink, and chairs, table football or tai chi, with introductions to sports at La Villette and the Festival Fnac Live at the Town Hall for four days of concerts (from 19 to 22/07), followed by the broadcasting of the Olympic games on big screen ...
Paris Beaches adapts its redevelopment areas in the edges of Seine, whose work began in mid-July. It will be a Paris Plage more focused and concentrated ... a smaller range than last year. While some attractions like the swimming pool will be absent, other activities will migrate to the Bassin de la Villette
Paris Plage 2012: Beach Voie Georges Pompidou
Summer Games and ballroom dancing
800 meters of beach await you on the right bank, the Pont Neuf (the first) to the square of the Hôtel de Ville Sully (4th). The vast beach, fringed with waves of wood repossesses the docks with its multitude of loungers, blue parasols and streamers. In this scenery, attractions like the garden of mist, petanque, the table football, ephemeral library or glaciers are sure to appeal.
- Ephemeral Library Flammarion welcomes you with some 300 works from various collections. Tannery Wharf from 11h to 19h.
- Animations on the theme of biodiversity as well as workshops for young audiences with the association "Aide et Action". Bridge of Notre Dame from 10am to 6pm.
- "BALADENIGM" - Circuit Walk on the site Paris Beaches and surroundings, interspersed with challenges, puzzles to solve and treasures to find. Below the pier of a City Hall 11am to 8pm.
- Tai Chi below the Quai du Louvre from 10 to 12am. Without registration. Ballroom Dancing from 5 to 8pm.
- The Ludo Beach for 3/6 years at Pont au Change from 1 to 8pm.
- A bowling alley for fans of bowling Wharf of Mégisserie daily from 10am to midnight
- Table football area at the foot of the Pont Neuf from 1 to 8pm.
Restaurant, bar and ice cream will also be present for the taste buds, and for the first time Eau de Paris provides the public two machines for aerating, the opportunity to offer delicious cocktails. Pont Notre-Dame from 12pm to 8pm.
Paris beach: In front of the Town Hall
Concerts in Paris Beach
Musically, the festival Fnac Live offers at the Town Hall from July 19 to 22: four days of free concerts. Many artists will be present: Charlie Winston, but also the Naive New Beaters, Pony Pony Run Run, Tryo and Arthur H. But also La Grande Sophie, Irma, Revolver, Rover or Dominique A.
See the program of the Festival Fnac Live
- The marathon Fnac Canon. On July 21, at 9 am, amateur photographers have an appointment on the forecourt of the Hotel de Ville. They will be invited to travel around the capital in pairs armed with their cameras, with the aim to bring the winning photo.
- The 2012 Olympics live. From the opening ceremony on July 27 until the extinction of the flame on August 12, all the highlights of the London Olympics will live on a giant screen.
Paris Beach: Bassin de la Villette
Paris Plage is also at the Bassin of La Villette, along the banks of the Loire and Seine (metro Stalingrad). The classics of Paris Beach will be present: Sandy beach, bar, petanque ...
A marina will go to fans of boats, paddles, canoeing, pedal boats and "tube Rollers" (amazing spheres of water).
Among the novelties, mini golf quay of the Seine, a mogul course reserved for practitioners to learn to mountain bike "dirt" and the Rotonde which is expected to host concerts of the best musicians in the subway at the end of days.
Paris Beach activities for children
- Universcience which turns Paris Beaches into a testing ground. Quai de Seine from Tuesday to Sunday from 1 to 7:30pm.
- McDonalds Kids Sports. McDonald's will install a mini-Olympic village on the banks of the basin, open to children aged 5 to 12. Quai de Loire from 1 to 4 August from 10:30am to 7pm.
- The Dirt circuit where children from 8 years old can ride a BMX 25 available to them. Quai de Loire from 1 to 8pm.
- Bite into a fruit. Six workshops to learn how to draw an apple, a cabbage or a fruit basket. Open to all public sessions are available on-site registration on the same day. Quai de la Seine, from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm.
Rides, pedal boats and amazing floating spheres that allow children to ride on the water will again be at the rendezvous.
Paris Beach activities for all
- The mini ATOOVA to get around Paris and its environs in nine ... holes. The mini golf course located on the quay of the Seine look like a reduction in the Ile de France, punctuated by nine of its finest monuments. Quay of the Seine from 10 am to 7pm and Thursday until 9 pm.
- River shuttles. Shuttles leave the pool every thirty minutes for Pantin and Bobigny. Every weekend until August 26.
- Water sports. The nautical base of La Villette offers its new boats available to visitors. The Dragon boat, this large canoe with a dragon head at the bow, is back. At the Watersports, 41 bis Quai de la Loire 1 to 8pm.
- Boats, boats, every day from 1 to 8pm Quai de la Loire
- Bowls. Eight golf await many petanque Quai de Seine every day from 10am to midnight.
- Baby Foot Quai de Seine every day from 1 to 8pm.
- Tai Chi (from 10 to 12) and dance shows (from 5pm to 8pm) on the floor of the Quai de la Seine.
- Theatre "THE IMAGINARY INVALID" on the Bassin de la Villette, 15, 16 and August 1 to 8pm. The show mounted by the company the jade will be held on a barge to be anchored to the pelvis.
Paris Plage 2012: 2 sand beaches
The two beaches to dip his feet in warm sand are installed: 800 meters on the Georges-Pompidou (Metro Chatelet or Pont Marie) and 800 meters around the Bassin de la Villette (Metro Jaurès or Stalingrad)

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